Quartz is a mineral found in the Earth's crust in great abundance, often in small amounts, but occasionally in larger concentrations. Despite its common distribution, however, quartz is also the most varied of all minerals occurring in a wide range of forms, habits, and colours. Many well known minerals such as amethyst, citrine, and agate, are all just different coloured varieties of quartz.

Similar to granite, quartz has a wide array of uses and applications, from kitchen counter tops, to floors, shower enclosures, and even outdoor BBQ islands. However, unlike granite, quartz is naturally non-porous, and so does not require the same kind of treatment. This also makes it more stain-resistant, and food safe as well. 

Quartz surfaces are beautiful and long-lasting, and easy to care for on top of everything. With just a little bit of the right care, you can enjoy your quartz surface like it was new for years. 



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