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Sometimes you might want a certain kind of stone, but it's just not suited to what your project needs. When you're not sure what will work best for what you have in mind, trust the experts to help you out! 

Try starting here with a simple question: Is your stone surface going to be inside or outside


If you answered 'inside' then just about anything will work! You may not want a raw concrete, and you may not want a honed or brushed finish, but just about any type of stone will do.

Depending on what you're using the surface for, as well, you may want to be careful; while marble is beautiful, it is a softer material and is prone to scratches and pits. If those things bother you, probably avoid putting marble in  a space that gets used heavily. Additionally, if you want to use a porous stone like travertine, make sure to get a polished finish or else put them in places with less exposure to liquids and acids. 

Click the links below for some of the stones we carry that would work perfectly indoors:

Granite | Quartz | Marble | Other (coming soon)


If you answered 'outside' then your options are a little more limited. For example, quartz is not something we would recommend; its finishes, colours, and sealants often can't stand up to the UV light, weather, and elemental exposure, and your surface will quickly discolour and fade. Similarly, marble's soft nature rules it out for an outdoor surface as well; while you can certainly use it, it will require a lot of maintenance to keep it at its full beauty. 

This doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful and unique surface outdoors; you're hardly limited to concretes and tiles. Granite's solid and non-porous nature make it perfect for outdoor applications. Soapstone and travertine as well come in a great array of colours and patterns, meaning your outdoor counters, pool deck, or BBQ top can be just as unique as any other surface in your home!

Click on the links below for some of the stones we carry that work perfectly outdoors:

Granite | Other (coming soon)


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