Caring for Your New Surface

Stone countertops are not only beautiful, but durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should take them for granted. With just the basic care, you can have stunning surfaces that will last a lifetime.

The Dos and Don’ts of Stone Care:

    • DO:

      • wipe up spills immediately, especially if they’re an acidic product (like juice, wine, vinegar, soda, etc)

      • use warm water and a mild dish soap for everyday cleaning

      • when cleaning regular messes, make sure to dry the counter thoroughly

      • make sure any cleaner you use on your stone surface is pH neutral

    • DON’T:

      • put hot pots or pans directly on the stone surface; the rapid temperature change can cause cracks, chips, or discolouration

      • use abrasive scrubbing pads, as those will wear away the sealant applied to porous stone, making it more prone to staining

      • cut directly on your countertops; while granite and quartz are scratch resistant, they are not scratch-proof

      • use any kind of bleach containing product, as that will damage the sealant and potentially the stone itself

      • wax or polish the surface with anything but stone approved products; this can lead to build-ups and films that, overtime, make your stone surface look dull and foggy

While everyday cleaning for your new stone surfaces is easy, for long term maintenance, we recommend investing in some properly formulated stone care products. Here at Stone Galaxy, we carry several AKEMI products, imported from Germany, specially designed to keep your stone surfaces looking their best for years to come. These range from simple wipes to full 3-stage protection sprays. For more information on what each can do, please see the list below. And if you have any questions, never hesitate to contact us; we’re happy to help!

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