Who we are

Stone Galaxy has been serving the lower mainland's stone fabrication needs since 2008, keeping in mind always our core philosophy:

The customer comes first.

Our business is based on providing customers with the best quality product and service with competitive prices. From your first consultation with us to the final moments of installation, we are committed to your satisfaction and happiness.


We offer a wide range of products, including granite, marble, onyx, limestone, engineered quartz and many others, in a wide array of colours, edges, and finishes. Our attention to detail and commitment to you means that we'll make sure you get what you want to achieve the ideal look for your space. We do fabrications and installations on everything from kitchen countertops, to vanities, to jacuzzis and fireplaces, and so much more; we believe in stone's beauty in all applications.

Stone Galaxy is here to help you, and we stand proudly behind our product and quality.

Please come and visit our showroom at # 1705  Welch Street North Vancouver BC. 

How we work.

We are proud to say that we are a local company that does all of our work --from start to finish-- right here in North Vancouver. From consultation to installation, you'll be dealing with the same people, seeing the same faces, and more importantly, coming to the same workshop for every visit. 

Here you can see some of the steps we take in our shop to go from your plans and ideas to the full finished project. We take drawings, measurements, and a slab of stone, and turn them into beautifully custom cut pieces that add that extra touch of beauty to your space, both indoors and out. Most of our work is done by hand, meaning we go the extra mile when it comes to the finer details of your project.

So take a look, and get a feel for just what it is we do!

1 Start by choosing from any of our many samples to find the perfect colour and pattern for your project.

2 Next you can choose your edge finish and make sure that even the finest details are customized to your liking.

3 We order the slabs into our warehouse and keep them here until we're ready to work.

4 We keep all of the slabs at our warehouse, ready to go when the table is free.

5 We move the slabs onto our cutting table with the help of our in-shop crane.

6 We lower the table and then rotate as necessary to make all of the precise cuts needed.

7 Our table saw uses water to keep the cuts clean, smooth, and cool.

8 Our blade in motion; we can rotate the table to get any angle we need.

9 Once the pieces are all cut to size and shape, we're ready to start finishing.

10The pieces get set up to have their edges polished to a glossy shine and to get rid of any sharpness.

11 With the piece cut to size, we hand polish the edges and cut-outs to make sure it's smooth and beautiful.

12 When all pieces are polished, we use special adhesives to connect them.

13We put the pieces together as much as we can to still fit them in our truck.

14 We bring all of our own tools and measurements necessary to make sure the piece is installed properly.

15 With install complete, you have your custom piece, right down to the finest details.